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Jumping a beach bonfire during the Night of San Juan

The Night of San Juan – Parties, Feasts and Loads of Magic

Some think that it’s rooted in Christianity (celebrated six months before the birth of Jesus) and others believe it’s the product of the pagan celebration of the arrival of the summer solstice. We’re talking about the celebration of San Juan, the evening of the 23rd to 24th of June, a […]

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Line up of most recognizable wines from the DOP of Valencia

Valencia Wine 101 – Valencia DOP

Lens Gourmand continues our series on the Wines of Valencia, this time taking a closer look at the little known DOP (aka DO) of Valencia. Sommelier Johan de Smedt, of Valencia Wine Consulting, breaks down the region, discusses grape varieties, and gives examples of the bottles to look for.  Salud! […]

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Chef Nuria Miguel

Kyoto Calling – Nuria Morell of Nozomi Sushi Bar

Some of my favorite stories involve people making big life decisions while drinking.  For most, it’s just a matter of big statements that lead to no real action; the only tangible outcome being the hours of subsequent, entertaining ridicule by those who were present.  But for some, a bold decision […]

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60 year old Monastrell vines

The Wines of Valencia – 101

It’s no secret that wine is not just a commodity in Spain, but a way of life. It’s as critical to the Spanish diet as tomatoes and olive oil. And while Spanish wine’s international appeal has grown dramatically over the years, the world still appears to be mainly interested in […]

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Glasses of Horchata

La Vida Dulce – Valencia’s best spots for Horchata

If you’ve lingered on a terrace in Valencia on a hot, summer day you may have seen people drinking what looks like a murky, glass of milk. They call it Horchata. (Don´t forget the Spanish “H” is silent.) Five years ago, as a newly arrived extranjera, I looked at it […]

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Bachhus Falla Valencia

Las Fallas – Lively Streets and Good Eats

The lights, the noise, the impressive statues, the FIRE…Las Fallas proves that Valencians know how to throw one hell of a party. If you´re planning to be in Valencia to take part in this massive fiesta, then you’re already ahead of the game. But, where do you go? What are […]

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King of the Beach, Manuel Alonso of Casa Manolo

King of the Beach – An Interview with Manuel Alonso of Casa Manolo

To imagine Casa Manolo, is to imagine the quintessential European culinary experience.  Poised right on the beach, diners feast on course after course of artfully plated haute cuisine, while staring out at the Mediterranean horizon, a line sometimes hard to detect, as azure skies seemingly meld into one with brilliant blue […]

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A coffee maker in the dining room in Spain

Survival Guide for Dining Out in Spain

For the Spanish, dining out is a birth right.  They do it at all times of day, in various different forms, sometimes for just a drink and some olives, and sometimes for a several course feast.  For those of you who are new to our beautiful city, or to Spain […]

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