It is the mission of Lens Gourmand to uncover the best restaurants, wine and all things gastronomy that Valencia has to offer.   Our team is comprised of both Spanish nationals and international expats. Each of us has our own specific skills and interests, and all of us share a passion for food and wine.   Collectively we have lived in North America, South America, Asia and Europe, and have tasted our way through countless travel destinations.   We don’t claim to be food critics, but we have done our share of dining, and think we know a little something about good eating.

How do we choose what to include on our site? Two ways actually; Firstly, through trial and error. The best part of our job is constantly finding new places to eat, and new wines to try. But secondly, and probably most important, is through the recommendations of the true experts in the field; the chefs, restaurateurs and wine producers of Valencia.

What don’t we do?

Charge a fee. Our restaurants and wineries pay absolutely NOTHING to be on this site. So rest assured, they are here solely because they are among the best in the city.

So if you like to eat where the chefs eat, and drink like a Sommelier…you’re in the right place. But don’t take our word for it…try one of the restaurants or wines that we recommend, and let us know how you feel.

Buen Aprovecho!