Daniel Exposito, winemaker at Domino de la Vega

Daniel Expósito – Winemaking in the Age of Climate Change

Winemaking has never been easy.  For while it is true that wine is really just fermented grape juice, there is a lot that can go wrong in the vineyard and in the cellar.  Threats like draught, frost, hail, oxidation, and unfriendly bacteria are just a few of the challenges that […]

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Bottles of Tyris, a craft beer from Valencia, Spain

Best Craft Beer Bars in Valencia

When I think of beer culture in Europe, I definitely don’t think of España. My mind conjures images of rowdy Oktoberfest in Germany, dusty taverns in the UK, and Belgian ales that must be served in giant, obnoxious glasses. What I didn’t know is that Spain has actually been one […]

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