Jumping a beach bonfire during the Night of San Juan

The Night of San Juan – Parties, Feasts and Loads of Magic

Some think that it’s rooted in Christianity (celebrated six months before the birth of Jesus) and others believe it’s the product of the pagan celebration of the arrival of the summer solstice. We’re talking about the celebration of San Juan, the evening of the 23rd to 24th of June, a […]

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The view from La Mas Bonita Chiringuito, Valencia, Spain

¡Que Vistas! – Valencia’s Best Summer Terraces

Ahhhhh (collective sigh)…it´s summer. Time to relax, sit back and enjoy the fantastic Spanish weather with a cold drink in hand. Living in Valencia, we’re spoiled with endless options for al fresco dining and drinks, but why sit just anywhere when you can pursue the ultimate remedy for your urban […]

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Victor Vicente of Casa Granero with Ximo Puig, President of the Communidad de Valencia

Casa Granero takes prize for best Paella ‘Cullera’

Victor Vicente’s Casa Granero took first place yesterday in Cullera’s first annual Paella “Cullera” competition.  The event was held to promote a new dish created by award winning chef Salvador Gascón to help develop gastronomic tourism in the city.  The dish is made from rockfish broth, local prawns, cuttlefish sepionet […]

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Glasses of Horchata

La Vida Dulce – Valencia’s best spots for Horchata

If you’ve lingered on a terrace in Valencia on a hot, summer day you may have seen people drinking what looks like a murky, glass of milk. They call it Horchata. (Don´t forget the Spanish “H” is silent.) Five years ago, as a newly arrived extranjera, I looked at it […]

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Paella over fire at Casa Carmela

‘Real’ Paella Valenciana – with Casa Carmela’s Toni Novo

Paella.  Valencia’s most sacred gastronomic tradition is also its most famous contribution to global cuisine.  The shallow pans of saffron scented rice show up all over Spain, from Las Ramblas to the streets of Cadiz.  Even outside of Spain, it has gained recognition and can be found in trendy Spanish […]

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Bachhus Falla Valencia

Las Fallas – Lively Streets and Good Eats

The lights, the noise, the impressive statues, the FIRE…Las Fallas proves that Valencians know how to throw one hell of a party. If you´re planning to be in Valencia to take part in this massive fiesta, then you’re already ahead of the game. But, where do you go? What are […]

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A coffee maker in the dining room in Spain

Survival Guide for Dining Out in Spain

For the Spanish, dining out is a birth right.  They do it at all times of day, in various different forms, sometimes for just a drink and some olives, and sometimes for a several course feast.  For those of you who are new to our beautiful city, or to Spain […]

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Trip Advisor, The Empty Promise

Trip Advisor, The Empty Promise

Whether you are traveling to a new city, or just looking for something “different” in your hometown, we’ve all been there.  You go to a restaurant which is highly rated on Trip Advisor or Yelp, order with great anticipation and then feel a grave sense of disappointment when the food […]

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