• Solo del Mar - Photo Gallery

    Steamed Clams with lemon

  • Local Shrimp, "Quisquilla de Santa Pola"

    Served steamed with a glass of vino blanco

  • Mediterranean Oysters

    Served "crudo"

  • Valencian Tomato

    Stuffed with Tuna Belly

  • Octopus from Galicia

    Served in classic style with potatoes, olive oil and pimentón

Solo del Mar

Owner, Maximo Martinez wants to be very clear that Solo del Mar is NOT a restaurant!  Fair enough.  His fish market, the only one in Valencia to display a Commerce Excelente sign for its high quality products, only began serving prepared dishes on premises in 2012.  Before that, and still today, it functions primarily as a pescadería, showcasing its gambas, oysters, merluza (hake), tuna, mussels, and whatever else is in season on a typical carryout counter of ice.

Maximo Martinez stands next to seafood counter

Owner of Solo Del Mar, Maximo Martinez shows off the market’s quality seafood

“Renovations” to accommodate in-house dining have been minimal, which for some, is all of the appeal. A few tables inside, several more out on the terrace, and a wine cooler stocked with quality whites and cavas provide the bare essentials. Situated at the base of a series of residential high rises, it lacks the view of the beaches, and buzzing ambiance of the Carmen, but exudes more authenticity than either.

Sound easy enough?  Not so fast.  Apparently the casual-market concept has taken hold in Valencia.  Its small size, quality product, and fair prices ensure that Solo del Mar stays packed.  Reservations are a must.

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