• Sergi Peris Gastronomique

    Sergi Peris Gastronomique

  • Oyster with Kimchee Sauce

    Oyster with Kimchee Sauce

  • Carpaccio, Duck and Cocochas

    From Top Left: Carpaccio of Red Shrimp, Seared Duck Breast with Apple and Mango, Cocochas with Sea Urchin

  • "Egg in the Chicken Coop"

    Candy Egg

  • Candy Egg

    Candy Egg with Coconut Mousse and Mango Sauce

  • The Whip

    Chocolate Candy Bar with Toffee

Sergi Peris Gastronòmic

To say that Chef Sergi Peris is driven, is an understatement.  At the ripe age of 25, his resume already includes 3 Michelin restaurants including Jordi Cruz‘s ABaC, consulting projects in Brazil and Columbia, and of course, now his very own namesake restaurant, Gastronòmic.  His youth is not only remarkable, but perhaps his biggest asset, as he dismisses the typical pressures of a rising star, and chooses to simply “make the food that (he) likes.”


Chef Sergi Peris, age 25

Often driven by the availability of seasonal ingredients, the menu at Gastronòmic changes daily. During our visit, we loved courageous dishes like Cocochas, the fatty chin of Cod served with a sauce of sea urchin, and Carpaccio of Red Shrimp, served paper thin in olive oil, sea salt and edible flowers.  The more familiar seared duck breast with apple and mango sauce provided a brighter, Mediterranean twist on the flavors of Fall.

Be advised, Peris is something of a magician when it comes to the dessert course, so leave room!  His creations are not only tasty, but often works of art.  El Fuete or “the whip” in English, is a chocolate and toffee candy bar disguised as cured sausage…yes, you read that right.  The picture perfect, L’ou del corral or “Egg in the Chicken Coop”, is a delicate white candy egg, filled with fluffy coconut mouse and a decadent mango sauce.   To eat it, the diner must crack the candy shell with a spoon, releasing the runny “yolk” into it’s shallow bowl.  Who doesn’t like cracking eggs at the dinner table?

Get here while you still can.  Our instincts tell us this guy is going places.

Listens to:  Alternative Rock and Spanish Pop.  Sergi admits that he likes to sing when no one is listening and Spanish pop lyrics are a little easier for him than American Rock-n-Roll.

Favorite Band: STTL

Obsessed with:  Colchinillo (Suckling Pig)

Favorite Fast Food:  Pizza

Best thing about Valencia:  It’s home!

Pet Peeve in the Kitchen:  Having to clean at the end of the night when exhausted.

Favorite Travel Destination:  Miami

Worst Travel Destination:  Bogotá, where he was robbed 3 times, once by a Police Officer.

Sergi Peris Gastronòmic
Galeria Jorge Juan
C/ Cirilio Amorós 62
46004, Valencia
963 28 55 78