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Ask Vicente Patiño when he decided to become a chef and you’ll get a surprising answer.  “While in the military,” he explains,  “because the only ones to eat well in the military are the cooks.”  Whether this was truly his inspiration or a bit of a joke, he clearly seems to have developed some of the characteristics of a solider.  His hard work and discipline along with a dose of artistic vision helped land him the Madrid Fusion Revelation Award in 2007, one of the most important accolades a chef can receive in Spain.  Today, as owner and head chef at the highly regarded Saiti, Patiño’s focus is on refined Valencian cuisine, food he says that is based on a philosophy of, “culture, tradition, evolution, future and respect.”

While the military might have been a strong influence on his sense of tradition and respect, Patiño’s culinary training at Valencia’s CdT during its ‘glory years’ in the late 90’s, and subsequent positions thereafter definitely helped shape his sense of future and evolution.  During that time he trained with the likes of revolutionaries Quique DaCosta, Miguel Ruiz at La Sau, and Nacho Manzana at Casa Marcial in Asturia.  As such, Patiño’s dishes bare the mark of a modernist chef, but with enough restraint that the connection to their traditional origins is not lost.  Artful, refined renditions of Valencian classics like red mullet in adobo, alcegas (a relative of swiss chard) and mushrooms, and the smoked eel stew with beef tendon, dishes rarely found on today’s menus, take on new heights as modern cuisine, while still paying their respects to the past.  Dessert courses like pumpkin, almonds and citrus, and lemon miloja (french toast) with brown butter, look and taste as good as they sound.

Surprisingly, an afternoon or evening at Saiti doesn’t have to break the bank.  The Menu Saiti, which comes with four starters, fish or rice, and dessert, is a very reasonable 27 euros.

Modern Spanish
Avg. Price: 25/45 €
Reservations: Recommended

Carrer de la Reina Na Germana, 4, 46005 València
960 05 41 24