• Q Barella

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  • Cuttlefish on Rooster Combs

    Rooster combs are slow cooked until tender, and then pan seared, and topped with grilled cuttlefish

  • Tuna, Guacamole and Pig Mask

    The "mask" of the pig is cooked down and formed into a mold, similar to a block of lunch meat, which is then sliced thin resembling bacon

  • Chef Quique Barella

    Plating with precision

  • Beach Squid with Potato

    served in chicken jus and coca foam

  • Orxata French Toast

    A play on Torrijas, using Orxata, the Spanish sweet drink made with tiger nuts

Q de Barella

At Q Barella, the always clever, sometimes outrageous, QuiQue Barella pushes the limits of modern Valencian cuisine, using a host of ingredients that few chefs dare to employ.   With a menu that offers duck tongue, rooster combs and pig mask (see image below) some might even suggest that Barella is something of a crusader of the “Snout to Tail” movement.  The true beauty of his cuisine however, is that if you weren’t told what you were eating, it would never cross your mind that it was anything terribly exotic.  The flavors and presentation at Q Barella are 100% haute cuisine.  Not to mention, there are plenty of more “mainstream” dishes like pork ribs, pork lomo, and tuna to choose from.  So please, even if you consider yourself a culinary pedestrian…keep reading.

Quique Barella with pig head

Chef Quique Barella with pig ‘mask’

Despite his affinity for funky animal parts, Barella’s real focus is on food from the sea.  Eighty percent of the menu at Q Barella, he claims is seafood.  Particularly inspiring is Quique’s adaptation of the “Mar y Montaña” tradition, or what English speaking countries call, “Surf and Turf”.  Dishes like Marinated tuna with guacamole and pig mask (truly not as crazy as it sounds) and Beach squid with potato, chicken jus, and cocoa foam, exemplify how great the combination of seafood and meat can be.  And you just thought it meant steak and lobster…what is this 1989?  Equally impressive, is the Cuttlefish on crests of rooster with mustard.  Yes, that flap of skin on the top of a rooster?  It’s not only edible, but in the hands of Quique Barella, it’s down right delicious.

Quique with big fishq

Barella poses with big fish

If all this is a bit overwhelming for your skirmish little bellies, rest assured, this is not like some episode of Fear Factor.  Your are in expert hands when dining at Q Barella.  Quique’s credentials include time spent at legendary establishments like Ca Sento, El Cellar Can de Roca (now considered the number one restaurant in the world) and seven years as Executive Chef for Valencia’s Alto Group, where he ran the well known El Alto de Colon, Bamboo, and Mar de Bamboo. In 2008, he was nominated for the Madrid Fusion Chef Revelation Award.  By now it should go without saying, the man knows what he’s doing.

With its smart design, and its location in the upscale barrio of Mestalla, one might expect prices to soar.  The four course Executive Menu, however, available Monday thru Friday for lunch, is a mere 20 euros per person.  And if you want to go whole hog? Excuse the pun.  The seven course, Jocs de Menu XL, is still a bargain at only 40 euros.

Quique Barella with eel

Chef Barella and his eel ‘scarf’

Go now, because if Anthony Bourdain ever discovers Q de Barella, you may never get in again.



Calle de Finlandia, 7, 46010 València, Valencia

963 93 63 00