• Osteria Vino e Cucina

    Photo Gallery

  • Artichokes with bottarga

    Cured roe of gray mullet a top artichokes

  • Pork made tuna style

    Pork slow cooked and served atop fresh tomatoes, olive oil and red onion

  • Coniglio in porchetta

    Rabbit cooked pork style in front of some of Osteria's Italian wine selections

  • Stracotto al Chianti

    Beef slow cooked in Chianti wine with tomatoes and mire poix

  • Tarta della Nonna

    "Grandma's cake" filled with vanilla cream and topped with pine nuts and powdered sugar

  • Exterior

    Fresh Herbs

Osteria Vino e Cucina

Since it’s recent opening in December of 2015, Osteria Vino e Cucina has been an instant success serving up truly authentic Italian home-cooking.  The project of old-soul hipsters Gianpaolo Gori and his partner Claudia Mededdu, Osteria Vino offers a changing chalkboard menu of regional dishes, from mostly Gori’s homeland of Tuscany, but from other parts of the boot as well.  Only the seasonal produce available at the market and Gori’s mood dictate the dishes made each day.   Authentic antipasti, salumi, including an extremely rare Mortadella de Prato, and Italian wines, compliment an array of roasted meats and handmade pastas, none of which succumb to the red-sauce expectations of the masses.  This is real-deal food, which Gori has spent a career researching and perfecting with the help of his collection of antique cookbooks, some which date as early as 1905.

Claudia and Gianpaolo

Owners of Osteria de Vino e Cucina, Claudia Mededdu and Chef Gianpaolo Gori

Claudia Mededdu’s front of the house design touch completes this authentic experience.  Somewhere between antique and retro-chic, the interior’s warm hues and rustic textures of stone and wood, feel very much like home in the Tuscan countryside.  Combined with her friendly and expert service, you’ll feel like you’re at a friend’s dinner party…if only we had friends that cooked this well!  About the only downside to this intimate setting is the small number of tables, so definitely call ahead.

Lens Gourmand talks pasta making, vinyl and coffee makers with Gianpolo Gori and Claudia Mededdu of Osteria Vino e Cucina

LG: Other than Italian, what’s your favorite country’s cuisine?

GG: Ah geez, this is not an easy question…Chinese, when it’s done proper.

LG:  What’s your favorite childhood meal?

GG: Bangers and mash (laughs)

LG:  English?

GG: Well it’s Italian as well, just different sausage…and lasagne as well!

LG:  How do you feel about Mario Batali and other big American Italians cashing in on Italian food?

GG:  Uhh…that they’re cashing in on Italian food! (everyone laughs).  I don’t really have enough information on it..just second hand…some people says it’s not even Italian.  On one hand I think they are doing something good, since the food is good.  There are other Italians do much worse food than they do, so fair enough if they’re cashing on it.  It’s good…better than Olive Garden.

LG: Do you listen to music while you cook?

GG:  Oh yeah..usually jazz.  I like the very vintage stuff or hard bop.  

Claudia: and bluegrass!

GG: Yeah, Claudia really likes bluegrass..I like it too.  For music I range from Lynrd Skynyrd to Willie Nelson to Jazz..

LG: Mostly old stuff?

GG: Mostly old stuff..but for new stuff I listen online radio, its called Ear Bits…they broadcast unknown players, musicians, singers…and there’s everything from classical to jazz to pop to hip hop…

LG:  Do you guys have vinyl?  You look like vinyl people?

(interview takes a turn and we talk vinyl for a good 10 minutes)

LG:  How long does it really take to learn to make homemade pasta?

GG:   Depends on how willing you are to do it.  The problem is not the dough, to roll it out.  It just takes practice…I think a few years to get it right.

LG:  I’m going to ask you to speak now for all of Italy…

GG:  Oh god.

LG:  How is it that the country that gave us the Ferrari, and all the fancy clothes, and Gucci handbags, and all these luxuries…still uses this God awful thing??? (points to the old fashioned coffee pot)


Claudia (Gori’s wife) chimes in:  yeah I know…It’s not convenient, but for me it makes the best coffee.

LG:  Oh it’s a flavor thing?

Claudia:  Yes, for me it’s the flavor!

GG:  Maybe because I lived abroad and stuffed I opened my mind to other things..so I really like for example drip coffee…if it’s a good coffee from America it’s amazing.  People say it’s too weak, but the fact is it’s stronger than espresso.  This one I think is a good balance between espresso and drip coffee..because it has a bit more flavor than say a filter coffee…

LG:  That’s true, it does have more flavor…but when we’re there (in Italy) we’re burning our hands, getting grinds everywhere…we just want to fill the water and hit the button!

Claudia: But yeah not for me, I love it.  I like the taste, but I even like making it…

LG:  You like the process?  It’s like still using vinyl!

Claudia: Yeah!

LG:  Is there anything else you’d want people to know about you?

GG:  Well, we’re fun. (laughs)  The atmosphere is completely different here than many others.  It’s a bit more cozy, bit more homey.

Claudia:  For me, I feel home here.  For me it’s not like a restaurant.  I want people to come ‘home’ to us.  I really want people to feel like they’re coming to visit us.