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Nozomi Sushi Bar

From the ashes of the popular but small, Sushi Home, has risen the instantly famous Nozomi Sushi Bar. Open only since January 2015 it’s already racking up the accolades, including top ten most beautiful restaurants in Europe, 2 puntos in Valencia’s Gastronómico 2016 edition, and a feature on the TV show, A punto con la 2.  The public’s reaction has been no less frenzied resulting in a two month wait for a prized table on a Friday or Saturday night.

José Miguel holding a bottle of sake

José Miguel explaining the sake menu

The hype is justified.  Owners Nuria and José Miguel could be Valencia’s most uncompromising purists when it comes to Japanese culture and cuisine, spending time in the country at least once a year.  Attention is paid to every detail, such that stepping into Nozomi is like stepping into a swanky Tokyo dining room, complete with an expertly curated sake list, impeccable service, and of course, authentic, unadulterated sashimi, nigiri and maki.  What you won’t find, thankfully, are rolls with jamón, cream cheese or mango.  “We feel obligated to respect the culture and the essence of the cuisine,” says Nuria, “we offer very little fusion.”

For those who don’t like the overwhelming task of ordering from a vast assortment of sushi, the omakase option (tasting menu) is a great way to get a truly authentic experience.  The standard, a la carte menu contains all the classics, including uni (sea urchin) ankimo (monkfish live), and of course toro (belly) from tuna sourced right here in the Mediterranean.  When fusion does make its rare appearance, the results are nothing short of brilliant…try the butterfish nigiri with black truffle, and experience what could possibly be one of the tastiest bites available in the entire city.

Nuria Miguel holding a tuna

A Labor of Love: Nuria Miguel prepares to clean a tuna

Butterfish Nigiri with black truffle

Butterfish Nigiri with black truffle

Cuisine:  Japanese, Sushi
Avg Price:  35/40 €
Reservations:  Required

Carrer de Pere III el Gran, 11, 46005 València
961 48 77 64