• Nou Gourmet

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  • Dining Room

    Nou Gourmet's space is fairly large for it's location, which makes it excellent for groups

  • Scallops with Fried Artichokes

    In reduced seafood stock

  • Ravioli de Rabo de Toro

    Slow cooked bull's tail is formed into a ravioli and topped with crispy parmesan

  • Yogurt Foam with red fruits

    Whipped greek yogurt, fresh and dried raspberries and blueberries, and pop rocks

Nou Gourmet

Nestled amongst the beautiful architecture and lush greenery of the posh neighborhood of L’Eixample, Nou Gourmet wines and dines Valencia’s well-heeled and well connected.  The project of thirty-something restauranteurs Pablo Zaragoza (formerly of El Campás) and Fernando Guillen keeps its discerning clientele happy with its elegant space, buzzing ambience, and of course, its food, which it coins as “traditional cuisine adapted to new techniques.”

Grab a table in the afternoon and you’ll find yourself surrounded by power-lunching business types, but of course with a Spanish ease that’s a far cry from the stuffiness of London or Manhattan.  At night, with its multi-room floor plan, romantic couples and small parties dine in the bustling main dining room while larger private events celebrate behind closed doors.  And if you want to brush elbows with the Valencia elite, stop by on Thursday’s at 8pm for the regular ‘afterwork’, or as we might call it, “happy hour.”

Tapping the talent of classically trained chef Pablo García-Vernetta, Nou Gourmet’s menu focuses on quality ingredients and creative preparation.  The marinated tuna, in soy sauce and ginger with Japanese radish and wasabi, is pleasingly subtle, achieving an incredibly soft texture, without overpowering the natural flavor of the sushi-grade ahi.   The scallops with fried artichokes, showcases the creamy, fresh character of the shellfish atop nutty artichokes and a rich seafood stock.  Ravioli de Rabo de Toro, is a decadent offering of slow cooked, tender, bull’s meat formed into the shape of a ravioli, but oddly without any pasta at all.  For dessert, try the espuma de yogur con frutos rojos, a playful, deconstructed play on cheesecake, made with rich greek yogurt, fresh and dried blueberries, raspberries, and pop rocks.  We’ll say that again, incase you weren’t paying attention…POP ROCKS, that candy from the 80’s that fizzled on your tongue?  García finds a home for it on top of your dessert, and it’s a heck of a good time.  Urban legend says you shouldn’t wash it down with cava, but why not live dangerously?

Yogurt dessert

Espuma de Yogurt: Yogurt “Foam” with fresh and dried blueberries and raspberries packs a surprise punch with secret ingredient..pop rocks!

Surprisingly, prices, even for Spain, remain reasonable considering the quality of ingredients, and level of execution.  By international standards, it’s a down right bargain, with most entrees hovering around the 15€ mark.

Modern Spanish
Avg Price: 25€
Reservations: Recommended
Good for Large Parties


Calle del Taquígrafo Martí, 3, 46005 Valencia
963 81 04 04