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  • Patatas Bravas

    Ruiz's modern take on the classic, baby potatoes are filled with the fiery sauce and roasted garlic aioli

  • Taco con colchinito

    Suckling pig, pickled onion and jalapeño atop handmade tortilla

  • Tuna Tartare

    Served on smokey baba ganoush

Mood Food

Named after a concept born in Japan, Carlos Ruiz’s Mood Food is built on the notion that certain substances in food can affect one’s state of mind, potentially increasing happiness, stimulating positive energy or even increasing one’s tolerance for pain.  The beauty of course, is that you would never know Ruiz’s food is actually good for you.   His fusion-y touch on market fresh ingredients lends itself to dishes which are lighter, but bursting with flavor, and in many cases still deliciously decadent.   Offerings like tuna carpaccio served atop smokey baba ganoush and wakame salad and the Vicysoise  (cold potato soup) made with coconut milk and lemongrass show Ruiz’s expert ability to harmonize flavors from around the globe.

Carlos Ruiz

Mood Food owner, Chef Carlos Ruiz

Cutting his culinary teeth at Valencia’s Centre de Tourismo, and then spending the early part of his career under Michelin starred chefs like Herbert Berger of London’s 1 Lombard Street and Sevilla’s Rafael Morales, formerly of El Bulli, Ruiz’s chops are certainly up for the task of keeping diners happy.   But Ruiz is also on a mission to keep them healthy.   He’s currently taking a course on marcobiotics, and moving towards serving less meat.   This year he has even added a vegetarian menu.   But don’t worry, diehard fans of the steak tartare…Ruiz tells us the infamous crowd pleaser is going nowhere.  The only thing they’ve done away with is the frustration of not being able to get a reservation.  The recent move from the old, tiny, seven seat venue, to a larger space in Ruzafa means getting a table is a little easier than in years’ past.  Just another thing that gives Mood Food’s customers something to feel good about.