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El Poblet *

With an infamous restaurant in Denia that’s currently ranked 39th best in the world, one might expect that getting an opportunity to taste the food of  QuiQue Dacosta is nearly impossible.  For those not so good at planning ahead, never fear.  QuiQue’s El Poblet is just the answer.   Situated in the City Centre, Michelin starred El Poblet serves many of the same plates as the flagship QuiQue Dacosta Restaurant.  While the menu is not quite as elaborate, fans of the culinary avante garde will be no less pleased by dishes like Cubalibre de Foie (Foie gras in a jus of rum and coke), and Piedra de Parmesano (“Stones” of parmesan).


Things aren’t always what they seem. DaCosta’s Piedras de Parmesano are “stones” of custardy parmesan in a shell of white chocolate and black truffle