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  • Boquerones

    marinated in sofrito of garlic, onion and aji mirasol

  • Avocado Tartare

    with greek yogurt, coriander, pine nuts and black olives

  • Sweet Potato 'Salad'

    with sous vide octopus

  • Escabeche

    Bonito cooked in Jerez sherry vinegar with beets, celery, cava and vanilla

El Bouet

While most chefs have spent years, if not decades studying under other chefs, El Bouet’s Tono Pastor has been bucking the trend and instead traveling the globe.  For him, the world is a classroom, and its markets, street food, and cafes provide all the education he needs.  Traveling for a few weeks, 4 or 5 times a year, Pastor thrives on constantly revising Mediterranean dishes with products and spices that he discovers on his trips.  The results, however worldly, are remarkably focused, and seem completely natural, despite the fact that you might have a ceviche, a curry and boquerones, all in the same meal.

Tono Pastor of El Bouet with morter and pestle

Chef Tono Pastor with the universal morter and pestle

The key, says Pastor, is one of balance.  “I realized (on my travels) that I love food with acidity, brightness and freshness…I like to eat a meal and feel like I can get up afterwards.”  It’s a theme that’s immediately recognized as the courses start to arrive.  Classic marinated anchovies or boquerones, get an unexpected Peruvian twist, in a citrusy sofrito of garlic, onion, and aji mirasol pepper, which adds just a little sweetness and heat.  The Tel Aviv inspired avocado tartare arrives in what looks to be a bowl of humus, but is actually rich, whole fat greek yogurt, with fresh coriander, pine nuts and black olives.  The marinated mackeral and seared tuna, miraculously finds the sweet spot between Tokyo and Sicily, served in an emulsion of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, ginger and olive oil.  For the finale, it’s back to Peru, for shrimp ceviche, with mussels, avocado, celery, and chilies in a classic leche tigre, the sauce achieved from mixing fish broth and lime juice.

Be warned, that El Bouet is a bit small, and thus tables can be hard to come by, especially in cooler weather.  When it’s warm however, there is plenty of space on the terrace, perfect for a menu that leans towards cuisines near the equator.  On any given week Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico or even India may be represented  – and while you’re tastebuds may not be sure what hemisphere they’re in, they’ll be happy to be along for the ride.

Mediterranean Fusion
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