• El Almacen

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  • Steak Tartare

    with Mustard Emulsion

  • "Our Russian Salad"

    Classic Russian Salad made upmarket with veggie foam

  • A Special Kind of Gazpacho

    with Idiazabal ice cream and Iberico bread crumbs

  • Squid Sandwich to Another Level

    Tender calamari on house-steamed bun, and kimchee sauce

  • Chocolate...in Another Way

    Chocolate Mousse, bread, olive oil spheres and sea salt

El Almacen


Power couple, Raimon Morena and Vanina Vila.

The brainchild of chef Raimon Moreno and his partner Vanina Vila, El Almacen serves up modern interpretations of traditional Spanish tapas and other classic bar-fare from around the globe.  Dishes like Our Russian Salad made as light as air with a veggie based foam, and chilled Gazpacho soup with Idiazabal ice cream and breadcrumbs browned in Iberico lard, take old standbys into the gastro-age without comprising their soul.   If tapas aren’t your bag, then go for the heartier Fish and Chips made with Cazon shark, the Squid Sandwich to Another Level served in a spicy kimchee sauce, or even the burger which is one of the best in Valencia.   If you have any room left, try the Chocolate with Bread and Sea Salt, or the Hot Donut, and thank us later.

"Hot Donut"

“Hot Donut”

El Almacen
Carrer de Sueca, 41
Valencia, Valencia 46002