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Cervecería Maipi

There once was a time, before chefs were celebrities and before foams had ever been considered a viable format for your plate, that restaurants in Spain served food simply.   The focus was on fresh, quality ingredients and dishes followed the same love-filled recipes that were being made at home.  Today it is almost impossible to find true, authentic home cooking in a restaurant; so when one does stumble upon such an establishment, we take note.  Cervecería Maipi on the border of neighborhoods Ruzafa and L’Eixample, is just this place- where devout locals, pro football players, actors and chefs have been coming to get their fix of home-cooking for thirty years.


Market fresh ingredients on display behind the bar at Cervecería Maipi

Since 1983, owners Gabriel Serrano and Pilar Costa have offered patrons a daily changing menu of classics based on the freshest, best ingredients available at the nearby Ruzafa Market.  Dishes are traditional Spanish and lean heavily toward the Serrano home region of Requena.  To accompany the chalkboard menu, diners can simply walk up to the bar and see the day’s offerings.  Trays of ‘baby’ habas with garlic (similar to fava beans), artichokes with ham, snails in salsa picante, albóndigas (meatballs in red sauce), rabo de toro (bull’s tail), and cabrito al horno (slow cooked baby goat) tantalize, making it difficult to leave room for ‘cooked to order’ items like grilled lamb chops, prawns or oven baked clotxinas (local  mussels).

Perhaps Cervecería Maipi’s biggest attribute is its adaptability to any budget.  Diners can choose to eat and drink simply, or they have the option to spoil themselves.  Those looking to indulge will be pleased to find grilled steaks, luxurious red gambas (local shrimp) and quality Champagne on the menu.  And let’s face it…even the most humble of dishes taste better with Champagne.