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    Panna cotta of cauliflower with dried octopus and canailla

  • Soup of Tomato Water and Basil

    with caviar and shrimp

  • Soup of Calamari Stock and Slow Cooked Eggs

  • Rice, Pigeon, Mushrooms and Truffle

  • Carmelized Torrijas

    With Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Casa Manolo's Daily Gastro Bar

    The more casual gastro bar shares the same view as its upscale neighbor

Casa Manolo*

Riding high after recently being awarded its first Michelin star in 2014, and then being named Restaurant of the Year, by Valencia’s Almanaque Gastronómico, 2016 edition, Casa Manolo is reason enough to schedule a day trip out of the city.  Located about an hour south of Valencia, in little known Daimús, its sits proudly on the beachfront promenade, with not even a single lifeguard stand blocking its pristine views of the Mediterranean.  But one does not come to Casa Manolo to merely stare at the sea. One comes to Casa Manolo for some of the most inventive cuisine in the region, thanks to head chef, Manuel Alonso.

Manuel Alonso of Casa Manolo

Manuel Alonso of Casa Manolo

Having only recently taken over the kitchen just four years ago, Alonso’s rise to the Michelin solar system is something of a phenomenon.  Talent is talent however, and the food speaks for itself.  Attention to detail is key, with everything in its place and every ingredient providing the perfect compliment to the next.  Dishes like the Panna Cotta with Cauliflower, Dried Octopus and Canailla, are not only picture perfect, but display Alonso’s knack for balancing flavors, as bold rich notes of umami are brightened by just a bit of green apple.  His play on “Rices”, every Valencian chef’s right of passage, is not just imaginative, but a revelation, accompanied by seared pigeon breast and black truffles- a bold departure from tradition in this part of the world.   The Spanish classic Caramelized Torrijas with Milk Ice Cream, is a straight forward rendition, but executed with the kind of precision and love that elevates the simple dessert (sort of like French Toast to those not familiar) to a whole new level of bliss.   The slightly crisp coating of caramelized sugar gives way to a pillowy, custardy center, creating a combination so decadent and sinful, it’s surprising that it’s still legal in this staunchly Catholic country.

Considering the beachfront location and caliber of the cuisine, prices remain incredibly reasonable, with the entry level, 12 course,”Casa Manolo Menu” running at just 55 euros per person.   As well, an a la carte menu is available.  But if that’s still a bit above your budget, Casa Manolo’s Daily Gastro Bar, which shares the building, offers and incredible menu del dia for only 18 euros.

Want to know more?  Read our interview with Chef Manuel Alonso.