• Casa Carmela

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  • Casa Carmela

    Door leading to back patio

  • Red Gambas

    Sourced from nearby Denia which is know for its quality

  • Grilled Sepionet

    Prepared the traditional way, with its ink, served with olive oil, garlic and parsley

  • Lobster "paella"

    Shellfish lovers may not be able to resist this decadent rice

  • Paella Valenciana

    Chicken, Rabbit, Duck and Snails and the traditional veggies

Casa Carmela

In 1922, José Belenguer officially registered the name, Casa Carmela, after his wife.  But what began as just a simple place for Malvarosa beach goers to change clothes and have a drink, soon evolved into a restaurant, as clients couldn’t resist the smells given off by Carmela’s home cooking.  Almost a century later, under the management of their great-grandson, Toni Novo, Casa Carmela is still producing paella and other rice dishes the traditional way, over a wood fire, and the smell is as irresistible as ever.

Its days as a beach shack long gone, Casa Carmela is now modern and refined.  Its interior, a mix of preserved traditional tile and wood, opens up to a large patio equipped with a retractable ceiling, to accommodate all types of weather.  A glass case displays the freshest of seafood, and open wine cellar sports an impressive selection of whites, reds and cavas, from all over Spain.

Diners can begin with simple salads like the tomato and tuna, or perhaps something a little more luxurious like the Sepionet, grilled to tender perfection over a simple dressing of olive oil, parsley and garlic.  Shellfish lovers will have a hard time resisting the blue spiny lobster, sourced from Cullera, and red prawns from Denia, served simply with lemon.

While its seafood is top notch, Casa Carmela is unmistakably about the rice.  Several versions are available, including two types with lobster, arroz de Senyoret, with its ample mix of gambas and other shellfish, and a version made black from squid ink.  Perhaps the best of the lot however, is the original dish that started it all, Paella Valenciana, a mix of chicken, rabbit, duck and snails.  Make sure to request the wooden spoons, which are especially good for scraping up tasty bits of socarrat, the slightly burnt grains of rice that collect on the bottom.

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Carrer d’Isabel de Villena, 155, 46011 València, Valencia

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