• Cami Vell - Photo Gallery

    Seared Tuna with beet puree

  • Oyster with Bloody Mary

    Crudo oysters in the classic cocktail, complete with vodka

  • Mojama and Artichokes

  • Dining Room

    Cami Vell's restored interior boasts a few modern touches, like the chandelier in this picture

  • Chocolate Pana Cotta

    with candied cumquats

Cami Vell

At the family run Cami Vell, in Alzira, brothers Tony and Ivan Lopez combine ‘slow food’ values with a modern sensibility to create cuisine that they call simply “traditional and new”.  During peak growing season, 85% of the produce on the menu comes from their own garden, just one kilometer away.  As well, just about everything, including the bread and the jams are made in-house.  But don’t let the rustic imagery paint too quaint a picture.  Cami Vell is very much in the ‘now’ with the Lopez brothers being capable proponents of the kind of futuristic cooking that has become synonymous with the Spanish restaurant scene; they’re just doing it with tomatoes and peppers picked fresh from their own land.

Lopez Family

It’s a family affair – From the left, brothers Tony and Ivan and father Antonio Lopez

Opening in 1989, Cami Vell began as a simple bar with a prime location, across from the local unemployment office.  Under the management of their father, Antonio Lopez, the bar eventually evolved into a more formal restaurant, mostly driven by the demand of its clientele.  But it was around 2006, when eldest son Tony, returned to the restaurant, that things really changed. After completing culinary training in Costa Alcazar, and refining his skills under Raul Alexander at Ca Sento, Andorra’s L’Excellence, and the swanky Feathersham Arms Hotel in the UK, Tony took over the kitchen at Cami Vell, with a vision to elevate the food.  Soon he was joined by his brother Ivan, who earned his degree in Cullera, spending time as well at Ca Sento, and then under Jose Carlos (Cellar Can Roca) at Cafe Paris in Malaga.  With both brothers, now classically trained and running the kitchen, Cami Vell restaurant was thrust to the next level.

Today, after a decade or so of fine-tuning, Tony and Ivan collaborate on dishes which emphasize both creativity and quality ingredients.  The Filipino de Foie, taps the Lopez affinity for trampantojo, a term borrowed from the world of architecture for things that don’t appear what they seem.  What look to be tiny frosted donuts, are actually savory bites of foie gras covered in a cocoa butter shell.  The Oyster in Bloody Mary on the other hand is pretty straight forward, with the briny bivalve served crudo in a martini glass of the citrusy tomato based cocktail, complete with just a dash of vodka.  The luxurious Slow Cooked Eggs are served in a farm fresh puree of broccoli and then topped with shaved black truffles.  Pierce the yolk, mix, and devour before pinching yourself, for this is damn good dreaming.  Final courses are just as heavenly.  The Tarta de Queso en Bote, a sort of deconstructed cheesecake comes with fresh picked strawberries and raspberries.  The rich, velvety Panna Cotta de Chocolate is complimented with a citrus twist from house-made candied kumquats in their own syrup.

Filipino de Foie

Filipino de Foie – Foie gras ‘donuts’ coated with coco butter

With much of the menu only traveling a kilometer before being plated, Cami Vell is the epitome of  ‘farm to table’, freshness. Ironically, for most of us in the city, it does mean jumping in a car to eat there.  But don’t let a short drive stop you from a visit.  After all, for most of your lifetime your food will travel to you.  Why not flip the script for a change?  Your good “carbon-footprint karma” will be rewarded.


Calle de Colón, 51, 46600 Alzira, Valencia
962 41 25 21