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    Alicante, DO

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    Growing on 50 year old vines

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    Hand Harvested Monastrell

Finca Collado

Deep in the heart of the Alicante D.O. between the small villages of Salinas and Villena, is this small artisan winery, equipped with the most modern of machinery.  Family run, the bodega is the epitome of what life on a vineyard should be.   Originally founded in 1993 by Francisco “Paco” Castelló Piera , the operation is now run by his son Samuel Castelló LLoret, whose vision to incorporate native grapes along with international varieties back into Finca Collado’s portfolio is helping to put the brand on the map.   With winemakerJoan Guía Conca at the helm, Finca Collado’s peers are already raving about their Delit,  a rustic yet complex red made with Monastrell grapes from fifty year old vines.   Aged for 12 months in French oak, its nose displays intense fig, plum and balsamic.  On the palate, fruits are intensified, accompanied by touches of coffee and chocolate.  It’s a wine that drinks like those triple its price.  The Chardonnay-Moscatel is a brilliant blend whose grape-y nose fades with just a little age to tropical notes of pineapple, mango and even a hint of honey.

Look for these and Finca Collado’s other fine selections at Navarro Bodeguero in Valencia.

DeLit Monastrell – 10,000 bottles per year

Chardonnay-Moscatel – 15,000 bottles per year

Owner, Samuel LLoret during harvest

Owner, Samuel Castelló LLoret manages the harvest



A quick interview with Samuel Castelló

Q:  What did you study in school?

A: I have studied environmental engineering and have an M.B.A. in International Business.

Q: When did you decide to work for the family business?

A:  Three years ago, after the MBA.  I had worked temporarily before,  during summer or between jobs and studying.  Now is a wonderful time to work in wine and do what I love…I am always learning about wine. I feel blessed with what I do.

Q: What is your favorite local spot for food and drink?

A:  Ricard Camarena is a must if you want very imaginative cuisine in terms composition, presentation and honesty…with the best products, he’s making an excellent version of typical Mediterranean cuisine and mixing it with the most diverse influences….otherwise maybe La Principal near Mestalla Stadium..I used to go there.  It’s a restaurant frequented by business executives, with a variety of quality products and excellent wine selection.

Q:  What do you drink if you’re not drinking wine?

A:  I can appreciate any natural drink, with or without alcohol, even water! (laughs) 

Q: What is the most unusual food you have paired with wine?

A: Maybe it was a kind of semi-rotten fish in a Korean restaurant that I went with some American friends in Madrid ..the dish had a peculiar taste…I paired it with a common Rioja.  I think that I drank a lot of wine to swallow that stuff. (again laughing)

Q: What is your go-to cure for a hangover?

A: Continue the party… otherwise a good “carajillo”

Q: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t working in the wine business?

A: Possibly working in a construction company or starting up my own business… but something that i would love.

Q: Any hobbies?  Sports?  Music?

A: Wow, thats not an easy question because I do so many things.. I’m very dynamic and extroverted..among other things I play the trumpet, I dance salsa, boxing, swimming, playing soccer and rugby, stay relaxed at the winery.. etc.. but what I love the most is spearfishing, to dive deep and catch fish to eat with my family, always with a good wine.

Bodega Finca Collado

Carretera de Salinas Villena, s/n

Salina, Alicante 03638