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Food and Fun

 Whether you consider yourself an aspiring chef, or if you have trouble boiling water, there is a lesson waiting for you at Food & Fun, Valencia’s premier venue for local foodies to learn how to cook from the pros.   Owned and operated by the well connected, Felicidad Juan Valero, Food & Fun hosts regular cooking classes, taught by an ever changing list of professionals such as Michelin starred Michele Ruiz, Manuel Alonso and Koldo Royo.

Felicidad and Koldo Royo

Felicidad Juan Valero, Francisca Royo and Chef Koldo Royo

Despite the serious pedigree of it’s rotating teachers, Food & Fun does live up to it’s name, by keeping things relaxed, and enjoyable.  Held in a beautifully refurbished industrial space with high ceilings, an evening at Food & Fun feels a bit like hanging out at a friend’s luxury loft apartment.  Soft lighting and background music set the tone, while guests team up in groups of 6 or 8.  The open floor plan, and a video screen projecting on the wall ensure everyone has a good view of the action.  Upon entry, guests are welcomed by the gracious host, Felicidad, and served a cocktail.  Once everyone has arrived, the chef of the evening takes center stage, and walks guests through the preparations of a several course meal.  At the end of each course, guests get to sample the fruits of their labor.  All the while, beer and wine is available for self service, just as if you were at a party on the Upper West Side.

Along with a changing roster of chefs, lessons range from Spanish classics like Arrozes and Pintxos, to classes on modern gastronomy, and even international cuisines such as Sushi and Arepas.  Both small groups and individual guests are encouraged to attend.  Food & Fun even offers classes specifically for kids. For more information and upcoming classes check out their website and sign up for the newsletter.

Note: By default, classes are held in Spanish only.  However, don’t let fluency stand in your way.  It can be a great way to practice!



Food and Fun
Calle Linterna, 6,
Valencia,  Spain 46001

960 91 61 50