Month: April 2016

60 year old Monastrell vines

The Wines of Valencia – 101

It’s no secret that wine is not just a commodity in Spain, but a way of life. It’s as critical to the Spanish diet as tomatoes and olive oil. And while Spanish wine’s international appeal has grown dramatically over the years, the world still appears to be mainly interested in […]

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Glasses of Horchata

La Vida Dulce – Valencia’s best spots for Horchata

If you’ve lingered on a terrace in Valencia on a hot, summer day you may have seen people drinking what looks like a murky, glass of milk. They call it Horchata. (Don´t forget the Spanish “H” is silent.) Five years ago, as a newly arrived extranjera, I looked at it […]

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Paella over fire at Casa Carmela

‘Real’ Paella Valenciana – with Casa Carmela’s Toni Novo

Paella.  Valencia’s most sacred gastronomic tradition is also its most famous contribution to global cuisine.  The shallow pans of saffron scented rice show up all over Spain, from Las Ramblas to the streets of Cadiz.  Even outside of Spain, it has gained recognition and can be found in trendy Spanish […]

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